Prayer to your Favorite Jesus

Fr. Greg Wilde


Description:There are many ways to pray.. Does God have a preference?

When Sin Happens

Fr. William Beers


Description:Why do we sin? Fr. Beers explores some answers we can take with us into our daily lives.

Compassion on Steroids

Fr. Greg Wilde


Description:The caring concern of Jesus can't compare with our weak sympathy, but it can inspire us to live into life more fully.

The Job of Loving

Fr. Greg Wilde


Description:Loving imperfect people doesn't come easy, even for Jesus. Fortunately for us, He showed us the way by example, in the way he treated His disciples

God Does Something New

Fr. Greg Wilde


Description:In the resurrection of Jesus, God was up to an entirely new thing...and he's still at it.

Death Valley and the Gritty Ice Cream Cone

Fr. Greg Wilde


Description:A vacation memory focuses us on our response to a place of thirst for God

Figuring out the Transfiguration

Fr. Greg Wilde


Description:We observe this watershed moment in Jesus' life, but to we know what it means?

Billy and Jesus

Fr. Greg Wilde


Description:Powerful, apocalyptic preaching...what are we to make of it?

Scripture Fulfilled

Fr. Greg Wilde


Description:As Jesus stood up to speak in the synagogue, his words were bold. Were the people inspired, or were they aghast?

The Patience of a Magi

Margaret Brack


Description:The journey to Bethehem was a significant event for the Three Wise Men, and it still holds importance for us.

The Words of Women

Fr. Greg Wilde


Description:The famous words of Mary and Elizabeth are so familiar to us that we often don't stop to realize their importance and the blessing they bring us.

Brood of vipers

Fr. Greg Wilde


Description:John the Baptist's days in the wilderness happened long ago, but his message still has meaning for us today

Traveling Light to Eternal Life

Fr. Greg Wilde


Description:What will you need to leave behind to follow Jesus? Fr. Greg uses the biblical story of the rich young man as a starting point for our own spiritual journeys