Worship at St. Bart's extends beyond the Sunday morning Eucharist. Seasonal services acknowledge important points in the church calendar, and special services recognize rites of passage in parishioners’ lives.

The Episcopal Church offers a liturgy for almost every occasion. We mark significant life transitions by turning to God in prayer and worship. Many of these special occasions are sacraments in our church and require intentional and careful preparation. You need not be an Episcopalian to request these services at St. Bart's, although the preparation and liturgy will be distinct to our faith tradition. Contact our priest if you would like to learn more.

  • will you marry us? can we have our wedding in  your church?

    We would be delighted to perform a marriage ceremony for you and your spouse-to-be. That said, some potential newlyweds shopping for a wedding venue find that our guidelines don’t dovetail with their preferences for The Big Day. We are pleased to marry practicing Christians who intend to live out the sacrament of Christian marriage. If you and your intended are members of different Christian churches, that isn’t a problem. The process at St. Bartholomew’s begins with pre-marital counseling, so simply pretending an intention you don’t plan to live out isn’t likely to work. The wedding service in the Episcopal Church is a beautiful one (and was the pattern for the service used in Hollywood films) but it offers relatively few opportunities for customization. Writing your own service and vows isn’t an option. If you or your intended are looking for a secular wedding or wishing to use St. Bartholomew’s worship space to hold a civil ceremony, let us suggest several alternative wedding venues for rent in the Waukesha County area. For more information, contact us.. For more information on these or any other topics, contact the church office at 262-691-0836 or email

  • Will you baptize my CHILD?

    We will definitely usher your child into the Kingdom of God through Christian baptism. All that we request is that you are willing to honestly answer the questions asked of parents and sponsors in the Episcopal baptism liturgy. In the ceremony, the priest will ask if you intend to bring up your child in the Christian faith and life. He will ask if you are willing to turn to Jesus Christ and accept him as your savior. If you are willing to answer yes to both questions…as a parent and on behalf of your young child…we will gladly perform a baptism. This opportunity is equally open to older children who can speak for themselves, and for adults of any age. For more information, contact us.

  • Will you do our funeral?

    We are glad to perform a funeral ceremony for anyone who asks, whether they were a lifelong Episcopalian or a notorious atheist. The reason is simple: funerals are for the living, many of whom may wish to express their faith through a commemoration of the life of a loved one. The Episcopal burial office is well defined and inspiring in itself. Outside of a eulogy, it doesn’t leave a great deal of time for sharing memories of the deceased. We recommend a separate time during the funeral reception for this activity. While it is customary for a surviving family to make a donation to compensate the officiant and cover expenses, none is ever required. For more information, contact us.

  • for more information, contact us

    For more information on these or any other topics, contact the church office at 262-691-0836 or email

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