Worship Episcopal Style

Please don't be intimidated by the word "episcopal", which simply means that we maintain a structure based on bishops, priests, and deacons. While there is authority, non-clergy people like you and me are the most important people in the Church.

We use the word Service to refer to our worship experiences because we view them as more than simply praise or entertainment. They are our service to God, and a way of participating in the timeless work of Christ himself. When we meet, it is the Body of Christ coming together to do Christ's work for the world as a gathered community.

Liturgy follows a basic format that dates back to the earliest days of the New Testament Church. It begins with a series of prayers and scripture readings punctuated by music. The last scripture to be read is the Gospel reading for the day.

The sermon follows, and is usually based on the Gospel reading, but can be based on any of the scriptures for the day. Next comes a declaration of faith, a congregation-wide confession, and "the Peace," which is a time for greeting one another in the Lord. Our communion service is next. It is led by the priest, but it is a prayer of the whole people. There are many times during the prayer for the congregation to respond and participate. People may stand or kneel during this prayer. Either is fine.

Please do not feel awkward or unwelcome if you have a hard time following the service. It is not as "free-form" as the worship in some of today's churches, but we believe the liturgy offers a deeper, more comprehensive experience of encounter with God, with God's Word, and with other fellow Christians with whom we worship.