we're so glad you found us.

Whether you vitis online or in-person, here’s the most important thing to know: you can’t do anything wrong. Never been in church before? We've got you covered. We go to great lengths to explain "what's what" & provide an easy-to-follow bulletins. Come from a church background? You’ll find what we do familiar and comforting. We’re a liturgical church, like the Catholic and Protestant congregations many people grew up in. And it goes without saying we're Christ-centered, so an evangelical person will also feel right at home. Not a Christian? You're as welcome as anybody who visits. We simply want you to be able to experience joy, community and love without any expectations.

The Episcpoal Church is about celebrating a God who is loving, liberating and life-giving. And that's why many people see the Episcopal Church as the perfect place for beginners and advanced alike to find out more. 

We look forward to meeting you. The links below might be helpful with additional questions. And you can always contact our priest Fr. Joel here.

If You Have Children

Kids at St. Bart’s:

a safe and welcoming place

From newborns to high schoolers and beyond, children are at the heart of our life at St. Bartholomew’s. You’ll find them everywhere; learning and serving, worshipping and playing, sometimes all at the same time!

While you’ll find kids present in virtually everything we do, many of our activities are created with children specifically in mind.

We strive to make St. Bartholomew’s a great place to grow up, and to grow in the knowledge and love of a Lord who saw children as little windows into the Kingdom of God.


An open door for all abilities

Visitors of varied abilities are all equally welcomed in the life of St. Bartholomew’s. Much has been done to ease and improve the worship and visiting experience for every person.

  • Our single-story building has no stairs and is fully wheelchair accessible
  • Spaces in the pews in our worship space have been set aside for wheelchairs
  • Large print and braille copies of the worship bulletin and Book of Common Prayer are available for individuals with vision challenges
  • Audio assist devices are available for worshippers with hearing difficulties
  • If you are unable to receive communion at the altar rail, inform an usher and the celebrants will come to the place you are seated
  • Visitors who prefer a gluten-free communion bread may simply request one at the altar
  • If any other need arises, contact an usher for personal assistance

If you or a family member has a need for special accommodations of any kind, contact the church office at 262-691-0836 or email