join us for a celebration!

Like every family, our most joyous side commonly comes out at special events. There are many across the church year, some with splashy celebration and others observed with little more than cake and conversation. Here are a few things you can look forward to as part of our worshipping year.

  • The Parish Picnic with two exciting bounce houses, a full complement of fire department gear, yummy food, a band and dancing and a combined worship service in honor of St. Bartholomew
  • The Easter Egg Hunt featuring hundreds of eggs with goodies inside
  • Mother and Father’s Day Brunches
  • The Men’s Group Wild Game Dinner
  • The Refugee Ministry Benefit Dinner with foods from nations worldwide
  • Fundraising dinners with menus ranging from lobster to corned beef and cabbage and beyond
  • Holy Week and Christmas celebrated in quiet contemplation, heavenly peace and exuberant joy

That’s only what we’ve done so far. Stay tuned for more, or make up an event of your own. We’re always up for a party!