Multiple Ministries

The list of activities that happen within the life of St. Bartholomew’s is certainly an extensive and varied one. While they may be diverse, each activity has an important thing in common: they all create opportunities to reach out to others. In some cases we’re engaged in a purposeful focus on following Christ’s mandate to love our neighbors as ourselves. At other times, our work seems to be masquerading as fun.

The common thread in everything we do is relationship. Our activities strengthen the bond between people at St. Bartholomew’s, between St. Bartholomew and the wider community and between an individual and a loving God. While new activities are springing up all the time, there are some ongoing opportunities to consider.


  • Help assimilate Karen families into US culture
  • Support efforts to gain citizenship
  • Serve as a friend at all times

Food Pantries

  • Encourage parishioners to donate
  • Distribute food the Food Pantry sites
  • Volunteer to work at the pantry
  • Participate in special events, including the Postal Workers food collection drive